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​​​​​​Hours of Operation Thursday-Monday 10 am-7 pm   

This Week!      4/5/18

Smoker Ready Times

  • ​Jerky 2 pm Sunday
  • ​Alaskan Salmon 2 pm Saturday. 
  • Deli Meats 1 pm Saturday (Turkey and Ham if still available)
  • ​Slab Bacon in stock 

​​​​​​​​​Mickel Farms Blog update

​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to our Blog update page. Keep informed of our weekly specials and cook times from the smoker. Check our weekly inventory for our Farm to Table offerings. This weeks MRE Stuffed shells and our meatballs and marinara.

Looking forward to 2018​​

  • TurkeysWe'll add another flock of turkeys in May to keep up with the demand of our Organic Birds. In addition to our flock under 20 lbs, the earlier flock will be well over 20 lbs by Thanksgiving. If your interested, Order ahead of time for Thanksgiving 2018.
  • Friday night fish fry In addition to our fresh haddock basket and our delicious fries. We will be adding a shrimp and scallop basket. If you would like something other than fried, we our offering a haddock florentine dish over rice or spinach.
  • Prepared Meals We have added lots of great dishes the last few months. Lasagna, Meatballs, Stuffed Shells, Chicken Parmesan, Stuffed Cabbage Rolls, Ham Steaks, Soups, Chili and Stews.
  • MRE's Our Thursday night dinners have really taken off. The weather in January and February is brutal here. Animals have special needs this time of year and the plowing snow itself can be a full time job. We will be starting up the MRE's again February 15th. In the meantime, we are offering soup, chili and chowder all weekend long. Starting on Fridays. Take home hot or frozen. Your choice.
  • Meats We have added lots of new fresh cuts and choices. Rib Steaks, NY Strip, Sirloin, Beef Tips, Roast, Top Round, Ground Round, Pork Chops, Chicken Breast, Thighs, Party Wings, Ground pork and so much more.
  • Frozen Meats Our sub zero freezer is always stocked with freshly frozen roast, burgers, sausages, hot dogs, salmon, hams, fresh ground round and more. Dry aged or wet, we have both.​ 
  • Artisan Pizza Day Sundays only. You must order ahead for this. Our dough is made with the best flour available and kneaded the night before. Our pizza sauce and fresh cheese and toppings are one of a kind. One size 14"
  • Proprietary Mickel Farm Offerings These items are made with our recipes and techniques. Try our Primal Cut Jerky, Cherry Smoked Bacon, Brisket, Kielbasi and Sausages, Pulled Pork, Hams, Roast Beef, Turkey, Smoked Alaskan Salmon, Beer Batter Haddock, Pizza, Breakfast Sausage, Canadian Bacon,  Potato salad. All truly, one of a kind!
  • Organic Chickens Every year we add more chickens to our rotating flock. These chubby little birds are so meaty and flavorful. Raised on premises. Order ahead to make sure you get yours. Our first flock for 2018 will be ready by Memorial Day.
  • Take Out No set menu here. I am pretty sure we have the freshest, best tasting, least expensive burger in town too! Five bucks gets it done the way you like. Our staples include the Big Boy Burger, French Fries, Onion Rings, Fish Sandwich, Pulled Pork and Deli sandwiches. Always on our home made rolls.