Meat Market

Mickel Farms makes a good burger close to Pulaski, Rome and Syracuse NY Our Meat Market offers excellent fresh cut Rib Steaks and Alaskan Salmon every week

Mickel Farms always ground fresh beef for a good burger. We add fresh local cheese, fresh sides and make our own bread, hand cut fries and a truly delicious brand of Soda. Just the way they used to make it.

Mickel Farms Takeout

From the Kitchen​​

  • ​Big Boy Burger                                        5.00-​
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich                            7.00-
  • Fish Sandwich                                         7.00-
  • Fish and Chips                                      10.99-
  • Onion Rings                                             3.75-
  • Farm fries                                                3.00-
  • Fish Sandwich                                         7.00-