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​​​​​​Hours of Operation Thursday-Monday 10 am-7 pm   

Smoked Meats in Camden NY

Alaskan Salmon20.99
Pulled Pork7.00
Canadian Bacon5.49
Cherry Wood Slab Bacon6.49
Cured Hams4.99

Mickel Farms Smoked Meats

Our Alaskan Salmon will be ready by 2:00pm Saturday.

We have Smoked meats at the Farm. Including Kielbasa, Sausage, Cherrywood Smoked Slab Bacon, Alaskan Salmon, Jerky, Pulled Pork, Canadian Bacon, Slab Bacon, Brisket, Cured Hams


  • Cured Hams smoked over cherrywood
  • Jerky smoked over hickory
  • Our Deli meats are made on premises with no preservatives.
  • Chicken smoked over hickory
  • Alaskan Salmon smoked over alderwood
  • Pulled Pork smoked over applewood
  • ​From start to finish our slab bacon takes 8 days to make
  • All our sandwiches are made on bread we make
  • We use proprietary blends of spices and herbs. No prepackaged msg mixes in any of our offerings.
  • Our Haddock has never been frozen before we receive it. It is also skinless.