"Providing Access to Great Food"

​​​​​​Hours of Operation Thursday-Monday 10 am-7 pm   ​Farm Phone 709-7857

Our products are unique and in many cases, hard to find as we are. We will post our latest FRESH buys here and will do our best to keep the list updated weekly. We have added so many items that are delicious and fresh. As we grow, our buying power increases. In turn, we can offer lower prices. If giving an opportunity, we want to make sure our loyal customers don't miss out. Please bookmark this page!

We are currently building out this page. Check back for updates!

**Not all of our fine products are organic. We provide the freshest, high quality meats and local products that are mostly free of msg's, fillers and additives. If you need to know more details about our products, feel free to email us at Mickel Farm.

​​​Mickel Farms Local Products 

​​​​​​​​​​Mickel Farms local products