"Providing Access to Great Food"

​​​​​​Hours of Operation Thursday-Monday 10 am-7 pm   

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Mickel Farms


You are the Best Customers, we wish to bring you more great things. For that, we must have our temporary closure of our store. Starting January 1st, 2019. We will reopen the start of Lent, March 8th the Friday after Ash Wednesday. We will be fully stocked right through New Years Eve. Plenty of Bacon, Country Hams, Jerky, Meatballs, Ground, Salmon.

We have Fresh Haddock, Shrimp, Scallops and Fresh Halibut for purchase for New Years. You can reserve items ahead by texting or calling Dee (315) 709-7857

We will not be hosting an MRE this Thursday. However, we have lots of Canelli Sausage, Kielbasi, Pulled Pork, Meatballs etc. Our Fish fry will still be going on Friday starting at 4:00 pm.

Why are we Closing?

We are temporarily closing for expansion and remodeling, new equipment and upgrades with a brand new website. We tried doing this when open and can't get it done. We will be announcing our Open House in March soon! We have new vendors coming on board that will be exciting for our customers experience as well. This is a growing pain and the short closing will be the cure.

We promise to deliver everyday to our customers what our Mission Statement says. If we ever fall short we want you to let us know!

         "Providing Access to Great Food"

We wish everybody a Healthy and Happy New Year!!

We will be regularly posting on Facebook our progress. In addition, we will have cooking tips going out with great recipes we use and would love to share.