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Harvest American Coffee Offerings

   Early Riser’s Delight- Colombian Medium Full City Roast Start your day early with this             delightful aroma and rich flavor.

   Angry Dave’s Revival- Colombian Dark French Roast Is your task list longer than the hours       in a day? Don’t get angry! Revitalize!

   Mad River Mud- Colombian Extra Dark Spanish Roast As dark as the Mad River mud after a     heavy rain. If this doesn’t grab you, you have no pulse!

   Queen Village Spirit- Guatemalan Medium Full City Roast Specially roasted for our Queen       Village of Oneida County. Feel the hometown spirit in every sip!

   Freedom Park Spark- Guatemalan Dark French Roast Warm your heart with this fresh               roast while remembering Camden’s heroes at Freedom Park.

   Forest Park Perk- Guatemalan Extra Dark Spanish Roast The perk you want for a leisurely         stroll through Camden’s beautiful Forest Park.

   Fish Creek Rapids- Honduran Medium Full City Roast So maybe Fish Creek isn’t known for       its rapids, but this medium roast will pick up your pace.

   Hunter’s Buck Up- Honduran Dark French Roast A perfect roast for those early morning           hours when it's time to “buck up” during hunting season!

   Blue Devil’s Brew-  Honduran Extra Dark Spanish Roast Roasted with Camden Blue Devils       in mind.  Take a thermos to the games. Go Camden!

Now at Mickel Farms. An organic coffee line. Hand Roasted on the banks of Fish Creek in Camden NY. Harvest American Coffee offers customers to purchase online from there website or stop in to Mickel Farms and get the best ground organic coffee today. 

​Mickel Farms now carries the new Harvest American Coffee K-cups

100% Arabica