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​​​​​​Hours of Operation Thursday-Monday 10 am-7 pm   

​​​Mickel Farms 

Ground Round4.49
Rib Eyes10.99
NY Strip Steak   8.99
Ground Pork3.99
Beef Tips8.99
Top Round Stew meat6.99
Round Roast6.99
Chicken Thighs2.49
Chicken Breast2.99
Party Wings2.99
Pork Chops3.49

Fresh Frozen Meats in Camden NY

Fresh Frozen Meats 

Available year round. We carry USDA beef cuts and pork products from the Farm. We ground fresh beef every week. You will find our poultry products are delicious. Including, organic chickens raised on high quality grains. Our selection of fresh seafood is fresh and delivered from Boston Harbor weekly. Our prices are reasonable and the quality excellent. Give us a try today!