Meat Market

Our Beer Battered Fish starts a day in advance. We allow our Beer Batter to "ferment" overnight with key ingredients. Our potatoes are cut to size and are held in a special water bath. Our Tartar is made with special pickles and 4 other ingredients. Our oil is always fresh and set to the right temperature. If you like beer battered haddock, your going to love ours.‚Äč

Best Beer Battered Fish Fry

Mickel Farms offers a fresh skinless beer battered Fish fry for take out near Pulaski, NY. Our haddock comes to us fresh every week. We sell fresh fillets, scallops, shrimp, salmon and steaks too!

Our fish is caught fresh from the nutrient rich waters off Massachusetts. When the fisheries close during breeding season, our fish comes down from Canadian waters. You will know the difference from your first bite. 

 In 2005, Captain Ed Canelli puts child hood friend (left) Mike Lane, on the Connecticut State Record Sea Bass. At 7 pounds, 8 ounces this fish crushes the previous record and still holds today. This fish nick named "Old Blue" was caught on a lure Ed Canelli designed and manufactured during his chartering days.