Meat Market

Our mission at Mickel Farm is to provide access to the best food available. That may sound simple, but the hard truth is, access to that good food is harder and harder to come by. We provide quality livestock and products grown on the Farm, we take time and personally vet our growing partners and suppliers that fill the gap. We gather locally grown products over others first, how its safely grown and how available it is. We focus on the quality of the product over all other aspects. 

"Our Farmland was settled sometime around the Revolutionary War. Nestled in he small Town of Camden NY. The land runs parallel to the famous Fish Creek. Surrounded by crystal clear springs. It became a dairy farm over the years with over 100 head of cattle browsing its fields. At the top of the hill, lies ancient Sugar maples which pour its goodness into our bottles. We are the second owners in almost 4 centuries to share its fertile land. The dairy cows are now gone but we kept the settlers name and Mickel Farm it will remain.
It was always our dream to be free. We were raised in the city and decided enough was enough. If we can work this hard with the stress of our job and endless hours in traffic. Never mind the dirty air and constant noise. We can work this hard on our own and still do what we do best. Our background is in sales and customer service. I might say here, we were really good at it. Our strengths lie in our creativity and outside the box thinking. We love to see new faces and cherish the old ones as well. You might ask, What does a couple of sales people know about farming? I'll save the answer to that question when you stop by to see us. See you soon!

Edward and Dee Canelli

More about us and our location. We are located in Camden NY between Oswego, Rome and Syracuse at the southern part of the Tug Hill Plateau. We have lots of history around us and a trip to our Farm should be worth it from anywhere. It might be a great way to spend an afternoon.

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