"Providing Access to Great Food"

​​​​​​Hours of Operation Thursday-Monday 10 am-7 pm   

Robert and Jan Best, Mickel Farm is THE BEST for fresh milk, chocolate milk, yogurt, turkey....EVERYTHING! Love the food and love the prices. It's the best place to go for real food that is fresh and tasty! Mmmm! 


Victoria Woleiszo-Gardner Mickel Farm is awesome! Great products! Delicious!​​

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​​​At Mickel Farms Country Meat Market, we provide a Unique Farm experience for our customers. Fresh products, including organic fruits and vegetables, livestock. Fresh Fish and Meat market with take out service.

Mickel Farms Country Meat Market and livestock is of excellent quality. Our prepared frozen food selection grows weekly. 

Kids love our farm animals that parade around their feet. You will find a warm and inviting place to spend quality time with your family and friends. Try a succulent fresh Haddock sandwich or Smoked rack of ribs? Not something you would expect off the beaten path, right? 


Order a fresh local hog or quarter angus steer the way you want, for your freezer. Perhaps take home fresh, free range chicken or rabbit. The bottom line is, Mickel Farm strives to bring the best, freshest, local ingredients to its customers everyday.

Together, with our farm partners, we share the same ethics, values and collectively provide top notch service, excellent products and great prices to our customers, everyday. We understand that eating healthy and having access to that food is essential for a quality life. Let us help you and your family find great food for you to enjoy again. We want to earn your business everyday and keep you as a valued customer for the long haul. 

Give us a try today!

David Faulkner-Purchased a whole hog, best pork chops, ham, bacon. Everything has been fantastic from ordering and choosing the cuts to the day we picked up the meat. Best pork we have ever tasted,we are so very pleased with this and will definitely be back again and again. Also tried the yogurt and fresh milk,as with everything else it was excellent.

​​​​Nadia Greasley, Beautiful organic pork roast from Mickel Farm! So good!

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