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July 13th, 2016

This weeks MRE will be Sirloin tips over a pan fried, mashed, salt potato and gravy. We want to thank The Queens Central and Paula for writing an awesome article about Mickel Farm this past week. We love serving our community through fresh and delicious food. If you are finding us for the first time, please stop in and have a look around.

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We are announcing a soft opening of our kitchen on May 21st. We have one final inspection and we are ready to roll. Our retail space is open with great products. We are chomping at the bit to get this kitchen open.


Looking forward to our fourth season. Our new building is almost complete. Currently, our retail space is open and provides full service. We offer organic alternatives to the super market. Our trusted growing partners support us and our offerings through out the year.

We have a supply of new products this year. Our livestock line now includes frogs and rabbits. Our new retail space is warm and inviting and has increased 300% in size. We have built out a custom commercial kitchen, including a huge smokehouse. Our take out food service will be memorable. Check back for more details and find us on Facebook.


We are just about ready to announce a soft opening for our new kitchen offering take out food. We will be shooting for May 14th 2016. We currently have beautiful Rhubarb and Asparagus coming in. The season is now underway. We are perfecting our menu and will be sure to please all the "foodies" out there.

September 29th, 2016

​This weeks MRE for September 29 Fresh ravioli ad meatballs with our delicious marinara. Still only 10 bucks!

We have butternut squash, apple cider, mums and so much more. Don't forget we have a steady supply of our primal cut Jerky made right here from the Farm. 


Another week goes by. Take advantage of our great deals here at the Farm. Thursday nights dinner for ten bucks per serving out the door. This week is pulled pork and mama Dee's beans with slaw. Friday nights we do a beer battered seafood basket with fries. Want an alternative to Fried? We are now offering Florentine with caper sauce as an alternative.

July 6th, 2016

This weeks MRE will be Sirloin tips over a pan fried, mashed, salt potato and gravy. Have you tried our beer battered fish sandwich on Fridays? We make everything here at farm from our take out from scratch. You will definitely taste the difference.

​​​Mickel Farms


Another week passes which brings us closer to opening our Custom kitchen. I am personally chomping at the bit. Can't wait to start cooking. We are currently running through our systems with new equipment to make sure its all good. We signed on Geddes Bakery in Syracuse. A bakery with lots of history and phenomenal baked goods. We will have fresh bread every Saturday once the kitchen opens. If you stop in let Michele know you have been to Mickel Farm.

Check back for more details and find us on Facebook


Stop by and give our beer batter fish a try this Saturday. Some smoked meats making there way out of the smoker. Yes, we are open for the season and we will announce a Grand opening soon!


Our Farm Kitchen is finally open!

Over the weekend we served up fresh scallops, beer battered haddock and shrimp. Big boy burgers and Angus hot dogs. Starting this week, we will try a take out service on Thursday nights. Call ahead or text us to place your order. This weeks special is Smoke roasted Boneless chicken thighs and grilled asparagus spears. We will add olive oil dredged rosemary potatoes. Our goal will be to provide a 3 coarse meal to you every week for less than 10 bucks per person.